Formula Student - World Ranking Lists

Due to the variance of the international competitions and with respect to the growing size of the Formula SAE/Formula Student network and scene the FS-world team discussed and decided to come up with a way to consolidate the results of all competitions that are carried out with respect to the official rules of FSAE/Formula Student.

The clear target was and is to allow any team to see and communicate upon its development and its success as well in comparison to teams that are due to financial and/or geographical reasons out of any reach for a team of students to step into direct competition. Additionally to that the world ranking is established in the very first moment with a significant history over the last years. Target is to allow all teams to see how it is developing and to identify the consistency in working and developing each team's performance.

Even if the world ranking shows and respects results and points in this ranking there are no winners, only placed teams. For us, the FS-world team, any team that manages to design and build a car besides their studies, to assemble it, to test it and to show up at any event in the world is a clear winner.

\[WRP = \sum_{n=1}^6 s_{no} \times a_{n0} \times P_{n} \times c_{n} \]

WRP = World Ranking Points
n = event index, 1 = latest event, 2 = second latest event, …
sn0 = normalized season factor for event n
an0 = normalized actuality factor for event n
Pn = overall Points from event n
cn = competitiveness of event n

The world ranking list is established according to the following regulations

  1. After every single event the world ranking list is being revised. It then remains unchanged until the following event in the same class.
  2. At the maximum, only results of the last 3 seasons are being taken into account.
  3. For each team the last 6 events are taken into account.
  4. In case teams participated in less then 6 events over the last 3 seasons, less then 6 results are taken into account.
  5. The overall results of each team are being taken into account.
  6. Only events with at least 10 participating teams are taken into account.
  7. The overall results are being rated according to three aspects: Competitiveness of the Competition, Season & Actuality.

Requirements for the competitions

  1. The competition must be offered in English. A second language is fine as long as it does not cause any disadvantages for the remaining participants.
  2. The competition must be based on the official Formula Student rules and all disciplines must be offered to participate for every team.
  3. The maximum possible score must be 1000 points.
  4. A complete, extensive and documented inspection on site and in advance is of course required.
  5. Only one team per class, per university may participate.
  6. At least 10 teams must complete per class.

Competitiveness of the Competition

  1. At the beginning of each event, the overall points of the world’s top ten are being compared to the overall world ranking list points of the 10 best starters at the event.
  2. If the ratio is 1, the points achieved at the event are weighed with 1.
  3. If the ratio is 0.6 or less, the points achieved at the event are weighed with 0.85.
  4. If the ratio is between 1 and 0.6, the event is weighed linearly between 1 and 0.85.
  5. This aspect is not being normalized!
  6. If the event is a mixture of classes where two or more classes compete for the same points, the competitiveness will be based on a combined world ranking list.


  1. Current season (from the current event to the precedent years‘ one) weighed with 6.
  2. Last year‘s season (from last year’s event to the one two years ago) weighed with 5.
  3. Prepreseason (from the event two years ago to the one three years ago) weighed with 4.


  1. The latest event is weighed with 1.
  2. The second latest event is weighed with 0,6.
  3. The third latest event is weighed with 0.6*0.6=0.36.
  4. etc.
  5. Each of these aspects is being normalized.

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